In addition to Neil’s sage advice for businesses, Neil also can also discuss these issues:

'94 New York Rangers - This was a very special team at a very special time. From the leader, Mark Messier, all the way through the roster and organization, as well as the stick boys and locker-room attendants. It took special people to make that 54-year dream come true - people who were driven to succeed where others had failed.

Hockey's Greatest Players - In my life time no player has ever dominated his era the way Wayne Gretzky did throughout the 1980's and 1990's. Wayne’s superior vision and instincts put him light-years ahead of everyone in the league. His records will last many lifetimes.

Why Hockey? - Ice hockey is the ultimate team game. It requires many skills in an athlete. First, the ability to ice skate, forward and backward with speed and agility. Next, "stick skills", the ability to stickhandle the puck, to be able to pass and shoot. hysical strength is a very important part of a player's skill set. Toughness, both mentally and physically, is an obvious attribute all good players must possess. Hockey teaches young people what it takes to really be part of a team. To succeed in hockey you must be able to use your teammates. Passing, encouraging, and standing up for your teammates are integral parts of the game.

New York City - There is no place on earth like NYC - it has everything a city could offer and more! The vibrancy and electricity in the city is unbelievable. The diversity, in every different way, is what makes it so popular with every religion, race, and nationality. To win for a city like NYC is the most thrilling experience you could have.

  • “Neil Smith was able to do what no other general manager could in 54 years for the New York Rangers-win the Stanley Cup! It was Neil's bold approach to changing the culture that allowed the team to galvanize into champions.”